About eyeQ

Retailers have a lot of data. They have supply chain data, POS data, focus-group data, and much more. But there is a huge blind spot where it matters most - at the shelf where purchase decisions are made.

eyeQ’s analytics and engagement solutions allow brands and retailers to better understand shoppers in physical stores with insights on age, gender, emotion, return visits, traffic, and more.

eyeQ accomplishes this while respecting shopper privacy, capturing zero personally-identifiable information without explicit consent, and embracing a “privacy by design” approach.

Founded in 2012, eyeQ is a fast growing venture-backed company headquartered in Austin, Texas.


eyeQ is currently hiring in all areas of the company, specifically focusing on our engineering team in Austin, Texas. Key skills we look for include: Javascript, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Computer Vision, Machine Learning & lots and lots of data.

If you would like be considered, please and submit your resume to careers@eyeqinsights.com.  eyeQ does not work with recruiting agencies, principals only please.

Leadership Team

Michael Garel, CEO

Michael brings a track record of defining, executing, launching, and marketing award winning rugged analytical computing solutions.  As Xplore Technologies’ Director of Product, Michael performed extensive market research and drove the organization to develop and properly position their latest generation of industrial tablet PCs.  Under Michael’s leadership, Xplore signed on the largest utility company in the US as a customer.  Prior to Xplore, Michael was a lead mechanical development engineer of servers and notebook products at Dell, Inc.  Michael received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughters, cycling, running and flying.

Jim Wang, CTO

Jim has an extensive background in enterprise systems development and integration, including a focus in online retail analytics and payment systems.  During his time at Dell, Jim designed and delivered a cloud based lead-to-cash sales solution extending the salesforce.com platform. The solution provides subscription based billing model for the next generation of cloud computing services.  Jim was responsible for Service Cloud customization with evaluation and integration of 3rd party products to expand the capability of the platform.  Jim provided long-term capability road maps for the solution to meet the demands and needs of future product offerings, mergers, and acquisitions.  Jim received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.  Jim enjoys spending time on friends' boats and racing his Mazda Miata around various tracks in Texas.